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Tires: Small Item, Big Impact



car tires

For most car owners, their car is their pride and joy. The sleek look of the body, that soft leather interior and the sound of that engine when it roars all rely on effective maintenance, which for drivers is of the upmost importance, no matter the cost.

Some of us spend hundreds if not thousands on customizing the design and improving the quality of our car. Getting recognition for our unique paint jobs or custom fitting an engine is all well and good, but sometimes we can forget the basics that actually help our ride run.

While many drivers focus on the alloys, we forget that our tires are even more important in terms of safety getting around the roads. Ingenie asked 1,000 drivers what they knew about tire safety, and according to their survey. 1/3 of drivers had never checked their tire thread depth. What’s more, a quarter had never checked the pressure in their tires – a little worrying!

In fact, your tires should be checked at least once a month to make sure they meet the legal requirements, so you don’t become a danger on the roads. If you’re caught with worn down tires or have a tire that’s under-inflated in the UK, you could risk fines of up to £2,500 and three points on your license.

If you’re unsure or worried about the condition of your tires, Tyre & Auto Centre Group offer a free tire check at all their service centers. If any problems should arise with your tyres, they promise to beat any genuine price on tires available, and if not will refund you 10 per cent of the difference.

As well as a range of high quality branded tires, Tyre & Auto Centre Group also sell a range of performance tires – ideal if you’re looking for something different for your custom ride. Buying parts for your car can burn a hole in your pocket, however if you choose Nexen or Maxxis tires you’ll receive a free lifetime guarantee – saving you any worry in the near future.

Another common problem for both men and women is having to change a flat tire. If you struggle with this task, instead of calling AAA, follow these handy step by step instructions from Drive Safely, which are simple enough that someone who knows little about cars can follow.