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Andyroid Let’s You Run Android Games and Apps On Your Desktop




For those of you with Android phones, what would you say if I told you that it’s now possible to stream your phone’s content onto your computer screen or big screen TV (assuming your computer is hooked up to the TV)? And when I say stream content, I’m talking about EVERTYHING that’s on your phone, not just certain programs. Sounds great, right?

But you’re probably thinking ok, so what’s this going to cost me? Do I have to buy an extra device to enable this feature? The answer is NO. Take a look at Andyroid, a new program that easily installs onto your laptop or desktop computer. There’s no extra hardware or expenses involved at all. Andyroid is basically a full-fledged Android OS. It uses Virtualbox, which is a free Virtual Machine emulator program to run the Android OS. It’s like having a tablet on your computer. All chat programs and games will run on your computer.

The Google Play store is also part of Andyroid, which means you can download any apps you want and it will automatically download on your phone also. Your phone will always be up-to-date and will seamlessly sync with Andyroid. When gaming, your phone becomes the controller, so you don’t have to share valuable screen space anymore. You’ll be looking at a much bigger screen and enjoying it.

Andyroid does a whole lot for the Android community. Gone are the days where you’re worried about storage on your phone, squinting at the screen (even if you have a massive Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3) and so on so forth. The playing field has expanded for the Android community. Let’s see where else Andyroid can take us in the future.

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