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Best Streaming Services : Take Your Pick



TV Shows

Argh, there’s too much stuff to watch these days, don’t you think? The 100 Greatest 55-Hour Long Box Sets, the 50 Funniest Fat-People-Falling-Over Videos on YouTube, the 70 Finest Costume Dramas Starring Anjelica Houston Ever! It’s all too much to fork out for simply to remain a part of the cultural conversation.

And just think about how long a television show can run – Breaking Bad, that amazing show about how the Dad from Malcolm in the Middle goes mad and finds himself in a gritty drama, is a whole 47 hours long. Just think of what you could do with that time!

But, of course, there’s one big reason that we devote so much of our time to that television goodness – The shows coming out now (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire, Six Feet Under, Game of Thrones, etc) are unbeatable.

We’re in a golden age of television, flocking from the multiplex to the small screen. And thanks to the quality of streaming sites, catching up on your favorite shows is easier than ever.

But every country has its favorite streaming sites. So, which one should you pick for the best experience?


Available for viewing on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and a slew of other devices, Netflix is arguably the most well-known streaming site. It’s even made waves in the television industry by becoming the first website to create original programming ( followed shortly after, although on a much smaller scale) with the Kevin Spacey-led drama House of Cards and the highly acclaimed Orange is the New Black.

Everything you watch on Netflix is streamed to you in glorious 1080p, and it comes with adaptive streaming to cope with Internet congestion.

Featuring every episode of Breaking Bad and Dexter, the site has lucked out on many of TV’s big hitters. So, grab as many snacks as possible, crack open a few beers and enjoy vegging out to their treasure trove of television series!

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Previously known as Lovefilm Instant, Amazon Prime Instant Video might have the most unwieldy name of any streaming service, but it’s also one of the best streaming services in the UK.

Where it really edges ahead in quality is in its deal with the BBC, with a huge array of older British comedies (Blackadder, Red Dwarf and Ideal, to name just a few) rubbing shoulders with the best of today’s golden age, including shows like Californication, Community and Mad Men.

What’s more appealing is its stunning selection of films. From thousands of films, you can watch classics like The Third Man to modern greats like Ted or Rust and Bone.


To watch tv series in Dubai, your best bet lies with OSN, one of the leading television providers in the region. With the company’s set-top box or its OSN Play feature, you’ll be able to watch anything from the latest Downton Abbey or catch up on every sporting highlight.

With high-quality streaming and a plethora of shows on offer, it’s well worth the cash.

What series are you looking forward to binge-watching next?




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