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Father’s Day BBQ: 7 Tips To Save On Essentials



BBQ With Friends

Father’s Day falls on the first day of summer this year, creating the perfect combination for a backyard BBQ celebration. From hamburgers and hotdogs to tater tots and beer, there’s no better way to show the leading man in your life how much you care than with his favorite meal.

While Dad is worth every penny, he likely doesn’t want you to spend a lot on his big day. Afterall, he’s the one who taught you the importance of retirement savings and managing your spending. Luckily, hosting a backyard party doesn’t have to be expensive if you plan well. Just follow these tips for a frugal-yet-fun BBQ this Father’s Day.

1. Pre-make your patties.
Buying pre-made burger patties might be tempting from a time standpoint, but preparing them yourself will save you money and flavor! With the price of ground beef by the pound at an average of $4.25, it’s really not that expensive to start from scratch and prepare a bunch of grill-ready patties. Even store-brand pre-made patties can go for as much as $10 for just four burgers! Whipping up hamburger patties is also a good activity for kids to help with, and when you make your own you can add your own seasonings for a better flavored burger.

2. Pick up finger foods from warehouse club stores.
While cooking and baking from scratch is the best way to save, if you’re a newbie or don’t have time it can backfire. Pick up appetizers and frozen finger foods for 30% savings at warehouse stores like Costco. If you’re preparing food for a large amount of people and can’t afford a caterer, this is the way to go. Buying in bulk will always save you more in the long run, and leftovers that can be frozen put you ahead for next time.

3. Look for manager markdowns.
To save on meat, peruse the manager’s markdowns at your local grocery store for savings on all cuts. Since these packages are close to their expiration date, butchers want to get them off store shelves before they go bad. They’re perfectly safe to consume when you prepare them right away, so shop this section right before your BBQ! Otherwise, consider swapping out less-expensive cuts of meat. For example, a tri-tip steak is a less-costly alternative to a rib-eye, offering tender meat without the hefty price tag.

4. Make your own marinade.
Concocting your own marinade is an easy and delicious way to get the flavors you want without paying for expensive plastic or glass bottles. Top-of-the-line marinades can sell for as much as $30, and cheaper marinades are often lacking in flavor or taste too sweet. Ultimately, nothing compares to the taste of fresh ingredients! If you have just a little oil and vinegar and basic spices like onion and garlic, the rest is fairly easy! Find recipes online or try your hand at creating a signature marinade!

5. Don’t pay for convenience.
Unfortunately, the pre-chopped and pre-cut options for fruit and veggies is marked up anywhere from 60 to 300%. That means you’ll need to do a little prep work yourself to save money. Simply carve out some time on Saturday to do all your chopping and slicing so that there’s less work on Sunday and more time for fun with the fam.

6. Seek out seasonal produce.
Summer is a great time to pick up popular fruits and veggies for less, including cherries, cucumber, strawberries, bell pepper, watermelon, corn cobs and more. Stick to the in-season produce for the best value (and taste!), and compare grocery store circulars to find the best price.

7. Save on beer, wine and spirits.
Put the finishing touches on a patio get-together with the necessary libations! You may be surprised to learn you can find coupons for liquor in addition to shopping sales. For example, the grocery section of has several coupons for popular liquor brands, including $2 off Tanqueray gin. What better patio treat than a crisp gin and tonic? You can also save up to $2 off Ketel 1, Smirnoff, Crown Royal and Captain Morgan depending on your dad’s preferences.

Andrea Woroch is a consumer and money-saving expert for Kinoli Inc. From smart spending tips to personal finance advice, she transforms everyday consumers into savvy shoppers. As a sought-after media source, she has been featured among such top news outlets as Good Morning America, Today, CNN, Dr. OZ, New York Times, MONEY Magazine, Huffington Post, Forbes and many more. For more information, visit or follow her on Twitter for daily savings advice and tips.

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xDroid Takes The Fun Of Video Racing Games Into The Real World




Want something that brings the thrill of racing video games into the real world? It’s here and it is called xDroid. At last the best features of RC cars and racing video games come together. You can race, drift, jump, play with friends and even code your own games. And you get to control everything from your smartphone.

xDroid brings the best parts of video game racing to the real world. You can play demolition derby, capture the flag and much more. It uses three main elements to work its magic: The mobile gaming app, the xDroid car and the xPoint.


The xDroid is a 1:16 scale hobby-grade smartphone-controlled car, but if you already own an RC car, you can use your own by upgrading it with an xCore. The xPoints are basically small interactive checkpoints that you can position along the route. These will let you collect bonuses, earn scores, and get power-ups. The app has the games, acts as a controller and also a social platform.

I don’t know about you, but I have often dreamed of a Mario Kart type game that I could play in the real world with RC cars. xDroid makes it possible to play this and other video game type racing games.

I can see people really getting into this to the point where it becomes a real sport. The system seems like it has everything you need to play and create good games right out of the gate. You can check out the Kickstarter for more info. This is going to be fun.

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Equipment and Supplies Necessary For A Hunting Trip



Hunters can not head out on a hunting trip without first gathering the necessary equipment and supplies. They won’t be able to take down the prey without having the means to do so, and they can’t keep themselves safe without the right gear. Bringing the right equipment and supplies out hunting will be the difference between a successful trip and an unsuccessful one.

Rifle or Bow

There is one main piece of equipment a hunter needs, and that is their weapon. It’s difficult to take an animal down without the proper weapon to do so. The season in which you’re hunting plays a major role in determining whether you should take a rifle or bow. A bow is often the preferred hunting method because it’s quieter and the arrows can be reused time and time again. Shops like James River Archery offer the latest technology in hunting equipment, including the Micro Hex Hunting Stabilizer.

Something Orange

Hunters are meant to wear something orange, typically a hat or vest, in an effort to protect themselves. They may want to stay camouflaged and hidden from whatever animals they’re hunting, but they need to let other hunters in the area know they’re there as well. Seeing a bright orange color from a distance will let others know not to shoot in that direction. It’s a simple safety precaution that must be taken by every hunter.

Warm, Yet Protective Clothes and Boots

Hunting gear includes clothing and shoes. A hunter’s outfit must keep them warm no matter what temperature they’re in, especially since many tend to head out in the early morning hours when it’s still chilly. The outfit should also help protect the hunter, providing extra layers to keep the weather and insects and critters, from doing any harm. Both an inner and outer layer should be worn along with weatherproof and all-terrain boots that are comfortable for long treks through the wood.


Animals can often smell humans in the area without needing to see them. If they can tell that a person is nearby they’re more likely to wander off in the opposite direction. Using a scent-blocker on the clothing worn can help keep a person’s scent at bay so no prey knows they’re nearby. A more attractive scent can be used to attract the animal, such as doe urine to bring more bucks to the area thinking a female is near. Hunters will use different foods and scents depending on the type of animal they’re hunting. While deer enjoy eating corn and peas, rabbits will come to an apple cider scent or apples.

Hunting License

No one should ever head out hunting without first obtaining the proper license. There are only a certain number of game a person can tag and bring in to have processed and used for meat. People can face serious fines if found hunting without a license, so it’s better to start off each season with an updated version. Hunting and fishing licenses can often be obtained online or from a store that sells hunting gear. Hunting big game requires people to apply and be selected before they can continue.

The right equipment and supplies need to be worn and brought along on a hunting excursion. Without them, the venture would not be successful. Certain rules and requirements have been made for hunting for a reason, so all hunters will be safe and protected while they’re out in the wilderness.

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From Smoke To Vapor: Is It For You?



Over the past few years, vaping has become incredibly popular. It’s proven to be a very strong competitor to traditional smoking, leading lots of people to ditch cigarettes in favor of vaping.

People are making that choice for several reasons. If you’re thinking about making the switch yourself, you may find it a little strange to think that you can just drop cigarettes in favor of vaping, and certainly the transition will take some adjusting. But in time, you may find that the advantages of changing will be easy to see, and they’ll give you plenty of reason to stay with vaping.

You Can Choose Your Product

Generally speaking, a cigarette is a cigarette. The flavor is the same, the nicotine content is the same, and even the appearance does not vary dramatically from brand to brand. About the only distinction is the carton, which spends most of its time in your pocket or purse anyway.

With vaping, you can mix things up a little bit. You can find vape and ejuice deals that will let you try any of a number of different flavors and levels of nicotine, all without spending hours digging through stores. They can range from the tame to the extreme, and if you don’t like them, you can change them.

Your vaporizer itself also reflects your personality. Because vapers use the same device for months or even years, they work hard to avoid designs that cramp their style and push them back to cigarettes.

It’s Smoking Without The Smoke

Clearly, vaping is not nearly as intrusive as smoking. The vapor does not carry the distinctive odor of cigarette smoke, making it far less unpleasant to those around you. The vapor doesn’t discolor clothing or leave your vehicle permeated with an almost-indestructible odor.

Vaping is based on water vapor instead of acrid smoke. It isn’t intrusive to those around you; it doesn’t burn their eyes or leave them coughing and sneezing anytime you’re around. And it’s short-lived, dissipating quickly into the air around you while still giving you that smoking look.

Vaping Is Safer & Cleaner

A fundamental component of a cigarette is the combustion. A tiny but incredibly hot area of tobacco converting to ash dangles delicately at the very end of the cigarette, ready to fall loose or to be dropped with the entire cigarette. Over the years, there have been countless cases of injuries and deaths from these small points of ignition, along with equally innumerable cases of damaged clothing, furniture, carpet, and other valuables that were on the receiving end of a dropped or falling cigarette.

Cigarette smoke also discolors your teeth, your clothing, your paint–you name it. It also leaves behind messy cigarette butts that clog storm sewers, fill trash cans, and create a fire hazard both in buildings and in the outdoors.

There is a lot of appeal to nicotine. Smokers enjoy the feeling they get from nicotine, but smoking has always been problematic in terms of its risks as a fire hazard as well as the unpopular and unpleasant impacts of the smoker on those around them who are not smoking.

Vaping eliminates both the fire danger and the troublesome smoke, allowing the vaper to enjoy nicotine without creating such an imposition on those around them. These benefits are the driving force between the growing popularity of vaping, and they suggest the trend will continue.


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